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Key trends for the packaging industry in Asia

It’s expected that the Asia Pacific packaging industry will grow to make up over 60% of the global market by 2020. As an expert in flexible bags and pouches for food-based products all around the world – including the Asia Pacific region – we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at some of the trends impacting this colossal market. (more…)

Cup of tea

What to look for in quality tea packaging

With cafe culture at an all time high, it’s more important than ever for tea brands to make a statement in a sea of coffee. This means that tea packaging has to not only be functional and practical, but interesting and eye-catching. At The Bag Broker, we manufacture and supply bags specifically for the coffee and tea industries. To help our clients stay competitive, we focus on delivering high-quality bags and pouches within fast turnaround times, and maintaining fair pricing [...]

COTECA 2018 Hamburg

This was the fifth consecutive year of COTECA and the event featured industry experts from over 40 countries, with workshops, presentations, tastings and relaxed networking. This October, The Bag Broker was proud to be a major sponsor of the show, where we handed out promotional tote bags at the entrance. (more…)

They have arrived

They’ve arrived. We have just taken delivery of the largest delivery of stock bags in the history of The Bag Broker. Our most popular ranges have received a boost, as have some of our unique lines that needed topping up. (more…)

Happily back on the road to Coteca

The Bag Broker have been on the exhibition trail again, visiting Coteca in Hamburg.   After a fantastic event in 2014, we jumped at the chance to return to Hamburg and the opportunity to visit our old and new customers in Germany. (more…)

Box Bottom – Origins Part 4.

The Box Bottom bag is one of our rising stars having been introduced in relatively recent times, compared to our other bag styles. It has grown in favour for its unique blend of usability, flexible features and strong retail value. (more…)

3 reasons why our Side Gusset Bags are so special! – Origins Part 3.

The Side Gusset Bag is an undoubtedly attractive flexible packaging solution. Considered by many to be the workhorse of the packaging industry because of its relative low cost of production and purchase, Side Gusset Bags are still able to offer excellent shelf life for good packaging within. (more…)

Stand Up Pouch – Origins Part 2.

The classic stand up pouch has excellent standing abilities on a shop shelf and the end user can reseal it airtight very easily - making it an excellent option for retailers and their customers alike. (more…)