The Bag Broker proudly sponsor the MICE 2019 – Bring the coffee world together

The Bag Broker proudly sponsor the MICE 2019 – Bring the coffee world together

The Bag Broker is one of the privileged sponsors for MICE 2019 (Melbourne International Coffee Expo.) and creating the authority showbags for the expo., the biggest coffee event in the Asia Pacific.

The Bag Broker was established in 2004 by Holger Nygaard, whose vision was to fill the gap by being the bridge between providers and coffee roasters and give high-quality flexible packaging solutions welcomed by many.

The adventures started from Melbourne, as it is the coffee capital, standards were being broken and the trend for coffee was being set by Australia, The Bag Broker was doing just the same.

Coffee bags are crucial to tell the story of coffee, which impacts clients greatly in buying intent as well as the impression given from the shelf.  The Bag Broker has done an amazing job throughout the years, offering quality stock bags, including box bottom bags, kraft bags, side gusset bags, as well as customizable bags. The Bag Broker has always focused on innovation as well, based on the progressing needs identified from the market, we have been trying to offer new packaging solutions.

The Bag Broker at present has a mission on producing full recyclability and biodegradability. We are working with our supplier to find a way specifically to allow coffee bags to be recyclable and biodegradable. In the past a couple of years, we have already started selling bags made from biodegradable materials, now The Bag Broker is in the process of launching the 2nd generation, which can be certified biodegradable in Australia.

Holger Nygaard, the CEO says that The Bag Broker “is exceptionally excited to be the sponsor for MICE2019. As one of the biggest coffee expos in the Asia Pacific, MICE brings everybody who is passionate about coffee business together.  We look forward to showcasing our unique point of difference within the flexible packaging industry. At MICE, we are hoping to find like-minded people to help us move into a new sustainable world where we can all enjoy the cup of coffee we love in a responsible way.”

Welcome to MICE2019, it will be a fantastic event. Come visit us at stand 28 and don’t forget to grab the MICE2019 official show bags once you are there!

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