The True Bio Bag For Coffee Roasters That Care About The Environment

The True Bio Bag For Coffee Roasters That Care About The Environment

The True Bio Bag, for coffee roasters that care about the environment!

This September, The Bag Broker are proud to announce the release of the True Bio Bag, the worlds first readily available, mass produced  bio-degradable coffee bag.

But what makes this bag different from the few bio-degradable bags that have preceded it, you ask?

Well I am glad you did.

When we first looked at creating the True Bio Bag , we did not want it to only be a showpiece. A showstopper that would be rolled out at shows and never ended up on the shelf.

Nor did we want to create a bag that had sacrificed the quality of its construction or the protection it offered its contents on the altar of being bio-degradable.

I am glad to say we haven’t – here are some of the highlights;

1. Unlike other so-called recyclable bags, we use materials made to biodegrade  under the right conditions in 90 days. Unlike other claimed biodegradable bags, which are only 40% of the product will degrade over a period of 5-10 years!

2. Unlike other biodegradable bags, our bag actually protects your coffee. PLA-lined bags might be heat sealable, however they have no barrier protecting the coffee.

3. Our bag is the only stock bag sold in the EU made from biodegradable materials with a biodegradable valve, which will allow the CO2 to vent. So no loss of your product quality here.

So, unlike any traditional bag, which protects the coffee very well, our bag offers a similar level of protection, while being vastly more environmentally friendly.

One other thing mattered to us, flexibility.

For us, the True Bio Bag needed to come in a variety of shapes and sizes right out of the gate. So, if your display normally uses Side Gusset bags, you can have it – and the same goes if you prefer Stand Up pouches. Zips too, which in the past have been a real sticking point.

We’re not asking you to change your sales practice to be eco-friendly.

So there you have it. The True Bio Bag from The Bag Broker – a bag made completely out of biodegradable materials, widely available around the world, in the shapes you want it, made to our usual exacting standards.

Stock has just arrived in the UK, if you are reading this and considering going green with the True Bio Bag – for a limited time and number, we’ll upgrade your delivery to free priority next day, on orders of 5 or more boxes.


Ps – for a full tech spec of the True Bio Bag, click here

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