Custom Printed Bags

Our custom bags – a notch above the rest.

The Bag Broker is proud to offer a range of custom printed packaging bags. We offer a wide array of bag and film types and offer a very high degree of customization for each bag type. For high-quality rotogravure print, our minimums are down to 10,000 bags, and for some types, we offer state-of-the-art digital printing with minimums down to 1,000 bags.

Our bags can be printed in up to 10 colours in our ISO and HACCP production facilities and our staff will be on site ensuring that everything is properly checked and that any issues are dealt with before they become problems.

Our service to you is backed by an experienced multinational team, guiding you through the process of bringing your packaging dreams to life, and ensuring that you get the quality you want, when you need it and where you want it.

We also offer extra features, such as tin ties, high-quality Swiss one-way valves, and embossing, thus ensuring that your bags will stand out in the marketplace.

Side Gusset Bags

Our gusseted bags are an excellent choice for the price-conscious customer who is looking for a bag with good protective packaging properties that can be used for a wide range of applications, including protection of wholesale products.

Stand up Pouch

Companies with a need for a unique, self-standing package with a wide front surface for their logos or branding, marketing and end user instructions or product description, superior product protection, and the ability to reseal the package after opening will find that this package fits a wide range of needs and requirements perfectly. It can be used for packaging whole bean and ground coffee, tea, nuts, bath salts, granola, and a very wide range of other dry or liquid food and non-food products.

Quad Seal Bags

Quad seal bags can be used for coffee and other dry food products. The bag’s compactness allows maximised display of products on a shelf with limited space. The quad seal bag is increasingly used for wholesale bags for coffee and tea.

Box Bottom Bags

For those looking for a premium solution that offers strong benefits both in a retail setting and in the domestic end user environment, there really is no alternative. The bags, made using the latest manufacturing technology, come with a fantastic zip lock feature, attractive design, and practicality to deliver the best packaging solution on the market.

A combination of excellent features and unique benefits, this really is one of the best bag storage and packaging solutions on the market. 

Roll Film

The Bag Broker’s printed films are a strong choice for the customer who wants a high quality and price-competitive alternative to current high-priced suppliers. Our films are printed to the highest possible standards achievable on high-speed rotogravure machines.

All materials used meet FDA, EU and German safety standards for food packaging. Moreover, small minimums and short turnaround times make us a preferred supplier for a wide range of overseas mid-size and larger food companies seeking to realise savings without compromising on quality.