Box Bottom Bags – Overview

The Box Bottom Bags are our premium line designed to reign above all our options for storing and displaying your products. The four rounded panels on each side are sealed in a way that stands majestically on any shelf and towers over all inferior neighbors.

Our patented Rip Zip is a built-in zipper for easy access and resealing that always ensure your product to stay fresh and just the way you intended.

Recommended for: Retail & Wholesale

Products: Coffee, Tea, Food Products

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Outer Layer:

  • PET (Glossy)
  • MOPP (Matte)
  • Kraft (Natural or White)



Inner liner:


No Rip Zip

  • 100g …….. 90mm (W) x 50mm (G) x 185mm (H)
  • 250g …….. 100mm (W) x 65mm (G) x 240mm (H)
  • 500g …….. 110mm (W) x 80mm (G) x 290mm (H)
  • 1kg …….. 135mm (W) x 95mm (G) x 345mm (H)

With Rip Zip

  • 250g …….. 110mm (W) x 80mm (G) x 190mm (H)
  • 500g …….. 125mm (W) x 90mm (G) x 250mm (H)
  • 1kg …….. 145mm (W) x 90mm (G) x 340mm (H)
  • Valve
  • Rip Zip
  • Tin Ties
  • Window
  • Hot Foil Stamp