At The Bag Broker Limited, we are committed to ensuring and protecting your privacy any time you are on our website or communicating electronically with our personnel.  Our Privacy Policy is contained below and provides a detailed explanation as to how we may use personal information you provide to us, or any we collect through legal means.

1. Information We Collect from You

Data can be collected and processed when you visit our website. The following are approved methods of collection:

1.1 If you register for information or complete a purchase by filling out a form, we can collect the information provided.

1.2 Traffic data, weblogs, location data, and other communication can be collected. These details come from your visit to our site and any resource tools you use while on the site.

1.3 Any communication on our website or to personnel allows us to collect information.


2. Use of Your Information

Information stored and collected about you allows us to improve our services or products for you. We may also use your information for the following purposes:

3.1 Any commitment we make on a contracted basis.

3.2 If information is requested from our website concerning services or products offered, we may use your data. Products or services, which may be of interest to you, can also be deemed communication from us, if permission has been granted.

3.3 Notification re- changes or improvements may be sent to you concerning product or service changes that could affect our service to you.

3.4 Existing customers can be contacted on the topic of goods or services related to a previous sale, if we feel you might be interested in these additional topics.

3.5 We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

3.6 Identifiable data, which could be used to disclose who you are, is never shared.


4. Storing Your Personal Data

4.1 Outside of the European Economic Area, there are places for storing and processing data we collect from you. We may take advantage of these outside areas, allowing a staff member to process data collected from you. These processors may work for our suppliers. The transfer of this data may include processing and completing your order on our site, such as utilising your payment information or offering support services. We undertake all reasonable processes to ensure your data is secure and in accordance with our Privacy Policy as outlined here.

4.2 Secured servers are used by our company to ensure proper data storage. Information on transactions is kept encrypted for safety measures.

4.3 Transmission of data on the internet can never be ultimately secure. We do not and cannot guarantee security of information collected electronically or transmitted; however, we take all necessary steps to provide the best security available. As a result of our inability to guarantee safety, you are submitting information to us at your own risk. Where needed, a password may be necessary to access areas of our site. You are responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the password you generate.


5. Disclosing Your Information

5.1 We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


6. Third Party Links

Links might be discovered on our site that belong to third parties. Any third party website on our site has a privacy policy. You should check their terms. Due to our lack of control over these third party links, we do not accept liability or responsibility for their privacy policies.


7. Access to Information

The Data Protection Act 1998 was established to govern online electronic communications. The act gives you access to any data we have about you. To gain access to this information, a small fee of $10 is needed. This fee allows us to process your request by covering our costs. The contact information given below can be used to gain details about information we hold on you.


8. Contacting Us

We hope you do not hesitate to give us any queries, comments or requests you may have regarding this Privacy Policy. Please contact us at