True Bio bags – Overview


Our Stand Up Pouch, combined with a higher specified barrier material layer, provides you with a self-standing packaging solution and flexible packaging product. Unlike our Box Bottom bag, the Stand Up Pouch offers an off-the-shelf solution. There is no need to heat seal bags, so they can be purchased and filled, and then sealed with the zipper prior to sale. They are an ideal solution for those wanting fast manufacturer-to-sales turnaround, such as shops selling product weighted out in front of the end user.

Made with a bottom gusset, which gives it self-standing strength, it is ideal for shops and general display needs. The optional zipper and one-way degassing valve complete an impressive packaging solution for a variety of retail or wholesale needs.

Our standing pouches can be specified with the best possible barrier materials (AL), offering superior shelf life for your products, or they can be made clear with excellent visibility of the product inside. For a more natural look, a natural kraft version is available. If required, we can also fit this version with a custom-cut window, to offer both the natural look and simple solution for the products to be viewed without opening the pouch, ideal for retail settings.