True Bio bags – Technical Spec

The True Bio Bag is currently available as a stand up pouch, a side gusset bag. The size specifications are as follow.

Stand up pouch: Height from a minimum of 100mm to a maximum of 650mm. Width from a minimum of 80mm to a maximim of 400mm. Bottom gusset from a minimum of 25mm*2 to a maximim of 150mm*2.

Side gusset bag: Height from a minimum of 70mm to a maximum of 1000mm. Width from a minimum of 55mm to a maximim of 300mm. Side gusset from a minimum of 20mm to a maximim of 220mm.

The True Bio Bag is made in a kraft finish. We utilize a 3-layer composite material, which each single layer having been certified to both EU standards EN 13432 and American compostability standards ASTM6400. Each layer is made from natural wood pulp and corn.

The True bio bag has not been certified as biodegradable yet by a recognized international test lab, howeverat least 97% of the components of the bag are  certified biodegradable according to the standards mentioned above. The non-compostable components are a water-based non-toxic adhesive and the printing inks, which are free of heavy metals. We have full confidence that the True Bio Bag will pass the biodegradability tests we currently have underway.

The zippers used are all certified compostable, and the one-way valves are made from a certified compostable plastic and currently being tested for biodegradability.

Our own tests indicate that the bag will compost in an environment with water, oxygen, heat and micro-organisms. However, if you add tin ties or non-biodegradable labels to the bags, you need to remove those before composting.