True Bio Bags

The True Bio Bag is the first of its kind. Provided in a either a Side Gusset design or Stand Up Pouch. It offers the first truly bio-degradable flexible packaging solution for those looking for an environmentally mass produced packaging solution.

The True Bio Bag under the right conditions will biodegrade in 90 days. Unlike other claimed biodegradable products on the market. All components used in the True Bio Bag meet the same strict Bio-degradable standards, even the valve and Ziplock.

In addition we wanted to not only provide a bag with strong ethical value but one which also meets the high expectations of our customers. A product and packaging solution that is suitable for protecting the contents placed within them. Like all of our flexible packaging solutions we only use the very highest quality materials to ensure that your products stay fresh for longer.

As with our standard Stand Up Pouches you can also specify the ziplock feature which is also biodegradable. At last there’s no compromises when it comes to being environmentally friendly.