Stock Bags


The Bag Broker is proud to offer a range of unprinted bags, which are kept in stock for instant shipment to our global customers.

Our bags offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • A very good Swiss-made valve, ensuring that your coffee stays intact, and that all CO2 is vented, while oxygen, light and humidity is kept out.
  • High quality materials, thick brown Kraft, best in class barrier materials, and good quality zippers.
  • They are backed by sales and service teams located in Europe and Taiwan, meaning that someone is always there to assist.
  • Each bag shipped by us is subject to very stringent quality control, meaning no surprises for you.

Minimum ordering is one box, which is 500 bags. Furthermore, we will arrange shipment to your door, making purchasing easy for you.

We offer box bottom bags with and without our innovative Rip Zip, as well as stand up pouches and side gusset bags. Sizes on offer range from 250g to 1kg, all with a Swiss WIPF valve for packaging fresh coffee.

We offer them in natural Kraft, matte black and matte white finishes with additional finishes available on request.

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Box Bottom Bag

Stand Up Pouch

Side Gusset Bag

– Minimum Order:
1 Box (500 Bags)

– Minimum Order:
1 Box (500 Bags)

– Minimum Order:
1 Box (500 Bags)