About Us

Who is The Bag Broker?

It starts with Holger, whom some might call The Bag Broker Guru. He is a passionate Danish man who moved to Taiwan for love. 

His passion for coffee brought him to his first job in the industry-- selling coffee machines globally. However, he really wanted to utilize his skills and passion to make a difference in the coffee industry. As the third wave in the specialty coffee trend started to gain more traction, roasters wanted to share the origin and uniqueness of their coffees. Packaging became the canvas to tell that story. Fluent in Mandarin and living in Taiwan, where the best bags are made, Holger decided to fill that gap and become the bridge between suppliers and the roasters.

In 2004, The Bag Broker was established. Where better to start than Melbourne, the coffee capital of the world? As rules were being broken and the trend for coffee was being set by Australia throughout the world, The Bag Broker was doing the same for the way it was packaged. Today, The Bag Broker provides bags all over the world and has offices and partnerships in Taiwan, Australia, the UK, Europe, and China.

We provide fully customised bags with a variety of printing methods and a full array of stock bags, while always seeking to break into new ways to tell the beautiful story of coffee.