A massive amount of day-to-day waste comes from packaging for consumable goods. However, less than half is recycled, with the rest ending up either in landfills or polluting the waterways or lands.
While many people don’t stop thinking about what their coffee packaging is made of or whether it’s recyclable, there has been increasing demand for eco-friendly food packaging as people recognise the impact their waste has on the world shift to a greener lifestyle.

By recognising this demand, manufacturers can push their products to appeal to a broader range of people. It’s the manufacturer’s job to use sustainable packaging for their products. At The Bag Broker, you can purchase eco-friendly packaging for your coffee, tea, or other products. With our ranges of True Bio bags, Non-metallic bags and Recyclable packaging, you can be sure to find the best packaging option for your product.

What Sets our Recyclable Coffee Packaging in Australia Apart?

Our food, tea, and coffee packaging options set themselves apart from others by being fully recyclable through REDcycle. REDcycle is a Melbourne-based organisation focused on the way to recover post-consumer soft plastics and prevent waste. Our bags are fully recyclable through closed-loop recycling services from Coles and Woolworths, allowing them to remain out of landfills. Fewer bags in the landfills means less pollution and a healthier environment.

recyclable packaging

We believe Redcycle is one step in the right direction for a sustainable future.

Soft plastics cannot be recycled, which is why we chose to begin implementing bags approved by REDcycle. By providing sustainable, recyclable bags, we support the betterment of the environment. There is no loss of quality in this process either– our bags have excellent barrier protection, allowing freshness to be maintained more than any other REDcycle bag on the market.

Highest barrier protection on the market

Our packaging has undergone some revamps that have allowed us to shift from our standard, non-recyclable bags to a product that can help protect the environment while also protecting your food from becoming stale after opening. By protecting your products within these bags, they remain fresher for longer, leading to further customer satisfaction.

By partnering with REDcycle and APCO, our bags meet stringent requirements, allowing you to rest assured that when you buy our packaging for your coffee, tea, or other food products, you are giving your customers an environmentally friendly option purchasing their food or products.

Why should you switch to our recyclable coffee packaging in Australia?

Our bags offer full recyclability while also being highly customisable to meet your needs. Whether you need digital printing, hot stamps, or rotogravure printing, we can provide you with packaging to suit your vision of your product without sacrificing recyclability. We produce packaging that comes in a variety of sizes and with several different closures and fixtures to allow for a wide range of options so you can pick the perfect match.

We all have a part to play in keeping the environment healthy, and this step can help your customers rest assured that they are helping the environment. Suppose your target audience consists of eco-friendly consumers who want to trust that they get the best food packaging that you can offer without adding pollution to the environment. In that case, you can trust that our products will leave you and your customers satisfied.

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