WICOVALVE® - World's Most Reliable Degassing Valve


We are proud partners of Wipf with exclusive distribution rights of WICOVALVE® in the Oceanic region.


It takes sophisticated technical solutions to protect food products, especially those that remain active in their packaging. In this domain, the WICOVALVE® has become the widely adopted standard. All parts are made in Switzerland, with respect to consistent integrity and functionality, they are guaranteed for a period of three years.

WICOVALVE® aroma-protection/pressure-relief was originally designed for coffee. Packaged roasted coffee beans need to be protected against the loss of aroma as well as exposure to oxygen and water vapour. These protective functions are handled by our specially designed POLIVEL® and POLIALUVEL® barrier layers. The CO2 generated by freshly roasted coffee beans is then allowed to escape from the packaging without letting oxygen or water vapour enter.

During the past years, this valve technology has been refined and modified for many new applications. It allows fresh foods such as doughs, soy products, cheeses, mushrooms or microwavable meals to be marketed in consumer-friendly packaging yet in full compliance with the requirements of modern logistics. WICOVALVE® pressure-relief valves are available with different material combinations, opening pressure levels, flow rates, and filters to meet the needs of the application.


The WICOVALVE® functional principle

The sealant and the membrane prevent air from entering the packaging. The membrane opens as soon as the product generates internal pressure and the membrane remains open until the pressure has dropped below 0.5 mbar. Then, the sealant blocks oxygen ingress (back diffusion) into the packaging, making it air tight again. The WICOVALVE® valves are applied with heat or ultrasonic sealing.