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Coffee businesses often underestimate the importance of a logo, yet the logo represents their brand to consumers. Not only does a great logo help to build the right identity for the brand, but a familiar logo can help to distinguish it from others.

It is not just about being recognizable but the impression that it gives to potential customers. Renderforest carried out a survey in 2021 that suggests 75% of consumers recognize a brand by the logo meaning that your logo has an enormous impact on success.

Deciding on a logo is a difficult decision for coffee businesses that need to capture the spirit of their brand in a single design.


What does a Brand Logo do?

A logo is a single design that represents a brand’s identity to reflect its core values and become a recognized symbol.

A successful logo will create a sense of familiarity for customers across all aspects of a business. Linking products, promotions, websites, and socials together to create a bigger impact, can help to build trust and loyalty.

A logo and identity are inextricably linked along with the type of font and colours used to build a brand that authentically represents the business. Ideally, consumers will build a connection with the visual image and the story it creates.

Familiarity is an important tool to grow a business. Think about how consumers are drawn to recognizable brands like Costa Coffee when they visit a new place. A recent study showed that 50% of consumers will be more likely to buy from a brand that has a logo they recognize.

A coffee brand with a strong identity means consumers will know what to expect.

What Should you Consider when Designing your Logo?

Whether you are designing your logo yourself or working with someone else there are some important points to consider.

Target Audience

Rare, exclusive coffee roasts will need a brand and logo on coffee packaging that will appeal to a high-end market, prepared to spend more. On the other hand, a coffee designed for bulk wholesale will require something more approachable on coffee bags that have a wider appeal.


Logo colors have associations that will affect the brand image. Countryside colors such as greens and browns represent sustainability or healthy choices. Alternatively, luxury brands often use monochrome coloring or dark blue to indicate class and indulgence.

Choosing just two to three colors works better and is more cost-effective to produce. The effect is better on screens and has less distortion.

You can read more about colors in our blog post Coffee Design inspiration – Colors.


Logos are used in different places and need to work in different sizes. Whether your logo is on coffee bags or a store it will need to look good.

Text is particularly difficult when minimalized for a small logo and can be unreadable. Similarly, some shapes lose visual impact when shrunk or magnified.


In the modern world of marketing, the key to success is simplicity. Not only will a simple logo be easier to recognize but it will be easier for consumers to recall. The last thing you want is for consumers to be confused.

Take a look at the Italian coffee brand Illy. Their white lettering on a red background is distinctive and has a striking impact. You see their logo working effectively on their tins, coffee cups, and store signs.

Stand out from the Crowd

A new coffee brand does not want to be lost amongst its competitors. The obvious choices of coffee beans and cups have already been done and will not help your brand to create its own identity.

It is possible to go in a completely different direction. Consider Starbucks with its Nordic-inspired siren. Whilst on the surface it appears to have nothing to do with coffee, there is an interesting story and connection with the seafaring history of Seattle where Starbucks was created. Most importantly it is distinctive and easily recognizable from any other coffee brand.

Think about what makes your coffee business unique. Consider designing your logo around connections with your business history, location, or interesting stories behind the business. Social media is a great place to link those stories to your logo and build your brand in a more creative way.

At The Bag Broker, we want to design your coffee packaging to stand out. We can help you to grow your coffee brand with our custom packaging and help you every step of the way to create an identity. Our wide range of printing styles and coffee bag choices can elevate your brand and help you to showcase your products in exactly the right style for your business.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or use our online form to get a free quotation for your packaging.

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