Stand Up Pouch – Overview

Our Stand Up Pouch offers a stylish, yet professional self-standing bag that stands out on any retail shelf together with your custom labels.

When coupled with a zipper and one-way degassing valve, the pouches form one of the most effective flexible packaging solutions available. Also, there is no need to heat seal these bags. They can be filled and sealed with the zipper, which is great for those wanting fast manufacturer-to-sales turnaround, such as shops selling products weighted out in front of the end user.

They can also be made fully clear or with a custom-cut window.

Recommended for: Retail

Products: Coffee, Tea, Food Products

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Outer Layer:

  • PET (Glossy)
  • MOPP (Matte)
  • Kraft (Natural or White)


  • AL (Aluminum)

Inner liner:


28g …… 80mm (W) x (25 x 2)mm (G) x 130mm (H)
70g …… 110mm (W) x (30 x 2)mm (G) x 170mm (H)
100g …… 120mm (W) x (35 x 2)mm (G) x 200mm (H)
150g …… 130mm (W) x (40 x 2)mm (G) x 210mm (H)
250g …… 160mm (W) x (45 x 2)mm (G) x 230mm (H)
500g …… 190mm (W) x (50 x 2)mm (G) x 275mm (H)
1kg …… 240mm (W) x (60 x 2)mm (G) x 335mm (H)

  • Valve
  • Zipper
  • Window
  • Hot Foil Stamp
  • Round Corners
  • Hang Hole