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Printed Laminated Roll Film

General Information About Printed Laminated Roll Film:

The Bag Broker offers high-quality films that can be rotogravure printed in up to 8 colours, the same standard as our bags. We provide several options for the material, including traditional high barrier foil films, medium barrier VMPET films, price competitive OPP/metallized CPP films, and 2 layer films with no barrier for products with a short shelf life. 

The Bag Broker is able to deliver on both 3-inche and 6-inch cores. Reel diameter and film length per reel can be completely customized. For more demanding applications, we can add a nylon layer for added tensile strength, and while we offer standard slip as standard, limited-slip and ultra-limited slip films are both available on request.

Summary Of Printed Laminated Roll Film Applications:

The Bag Broker’s printed films are a strong choice for the customer who wants a high quality and price competitive alternative to current high priced suppliers. Our films are printed to the highest possible standards achievable on high-speed rotogravure machines.

All materials used are FDA, EU and German safety standards for food packaging compliant. Moreover, small minimums and short turnaround times make us a preferred supplier for a wide range of overseas mid-size and larger food companies seeking to realize savings without compromising on quality.

Printed Laminated Roll Film Material Choices:
Outer layer: PET, MOPP, Natural Kraft, White Kraft
Barrier: AL or VMPET
Inner liner: LLDPE Easy Peel, CPP, metalized CPP

Printed Laminated Film/RollSizing:
Sizes are as per the customers’ requirements.