Your Brand, our Packaging!

Branding is a big part of defining your product against the competition. At The Bag Broker, we understand how big of a step this is and we assist you in all the stages of the creation of your custom printed packaging.

Small Batch Roasted Coffee

Packaging is a big part of a customer’s decision and it’s very easy to get lost in the process of designing something simple and professional.

With MOQ’s as low as 3000 units for hot stamping and digital printing, it’s very easy to enhance your brand with our custom packaging options.

At The Bag Broker, we believe that custom packaging:

  1. Has a very important role in the coffee, tea, food and personal care industry;
  2. Has to carry a strong branding message in today’s competitive world;
  3. Has to add value, attract customers, promote your brand and enhance your reputation;
  4. Should never compromise on quality. Customers should receive the products in perfect shape;
  5. Should have a relevant and professional design.

Here are the steps for creating your custom packaging:

How to Order