Quad Seal Bags

Rotogravure printing is the most popular choice for flexible packaging. It allows us to build bags to your specifications, including the bag format, structure of the material, shape, features and your artwork.

The rotogravure (roto) printing technique can be also used on all sizes and formats of our packaging.

It involves engraving every colour from the artwork into steel cylinders called print drums and there can be a maximum of 10 colours per artwork. Print quality is excellent on plastic materials, while on kraft materials, the flexo printing technique might be recommended.

If you are interested in a smaller MOQ, or you would like to have multiple designs for a total of 10.000 units, then we might recommend the digital printing technique.

More details about rotogravure printing:

  1. MOQ 10.000 units for bags with volumes between 250g and 1kg. Please contact us if you have different size requirements;
  2. Lead time: 13-16 weeks once the artwork is approved. Airfreight (available on request) can reduce lead time to 7-9 weeks;
  3. Colour capability: 10 colours;
  4. Print drum charge depends on the size of the print drums and will be included in the Quote;
  5. Print drums can be reused for up to 18 months. This means that, if you would like to print another batch of custom bags with the same artwork, you can use the existing print drums.

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