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Stand Up Pouches with Zip
Stand Up Pouches with Zip and Valve
Stand Up Pouches with Zip and Window

General Information About Stand Up Pouches:

Our Stand Up Pouch offers a positive mix of design cues and quality to provide you with a professional self standing packaging solution. Made with a bottom gusset, which gives its self standing strength, ideal for shops and general display needs. Couple this with the optional zipper and one-way degassing valve it also offers the end user great features to ensure your products stay fresh and hassle free. 

Our Stand Up Pouch are made with the best possible barrier materials, offering superior shelf-life for your products, or they can be made clear with excellent visibility of the product inside. For the more natural look, a natural kraft version is available. If required, we can also fit this version with a custom-cut window, to offer both the natural look and an easy view of the product.

Summary Of Stand Up Pouches with or without Zipper:

Companies with a need for a unique, self-standing package with a wide front surface for a logo or label, superior product protection, and the ability to reseal the package after opening will find that this package fit their requirements perfectly. It can be used for packaging whole bean and ground coffee, tea, nuts, bath salts, granola, and a very wide range of other dry or liquid food and non-food products. 

Stand Up Pouches Material Choices:
Outer layer: PET, MOPP, Natural Kraft, White Kraft
OPPBarrier: AL or VMPET
Inner liner: LLDPE Easy Peel

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